Document Management

Are you tired of searching for paperwork? Perhaps storing your docs in the cloud is the answer. So you start doing some research...Dropbox, Google Drive,, Microsoft One Drive, Sharepoint, SmartVault and the list goes on. Which one is the best?

Fact of the matter is that ALL of the applications already named are viable options. So do I determine which one is best for me? That depends...on quite a number of variables.

  • Are you a single user or do you work with a team?

  • What type of files are you working with?

  • Do you need to share files with people outside of your organization?

  • Do you have internet access everywhere or are you working offline some of the time?

  • Do you need to integrate with an accounting solution or CRM?

  • Do you need an inbox system for a bookkeeper?

So all of these applications play well in some areas, but they do not all play as well in others.

We can set up a consultation to analyse your workflow and help put together a plan uniquely designed to support you document workflow needs.

In addition to a good document storage solution, an efficient scanner is also important. Again, there are many good scanners out there, but depending on your workflow we are somewhat biased because of how the type of scanner impacts user productivity. Multi function machines are at the bottom of our list. Function, not price should be the first consideration when choosing a scanner. Spending an extra $100 can quickly be recaptured in bookkeeper wages with increased productivity and ease of use. Here is a list of our favorites.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

We have positive feedback from every client who has purchased this scanner upon our recommendation. It has a 10 page automatic document feeder and can scan up to 12 double sided pages per minute. A great choice for most bookkeepers or office personal with average paperwork volume.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

This scanner will handle more volume. This one has a 50 page automatic document feeder and can handle up to 25 pages of double sided scanning per minute. It also compatible with IOS and can scan via USB or Wifi.

Canon P-215II

This is also a great little scanner and we recommend this in certain workflow applications, however for most situations we prefer the ScanSnap scanners.