Workflow & Productivity Consulting

Feel like you’re constantly putting out fires? Doing too much double entry?

You’d like to achieve organizational and business-process efficiency. By analyzing your current data flow, workflow and overall business systems, we are able to develop solutions adapted to your particular business processes. Our workflow and productivity proposals can enhance performance, build a highly productive team and save your business time and money.

What can Computer Bookkeeping Solutions do for you?

  • Help you identify areas of waste and inefficiency for process improvement

  • Create a troubleshooting guide and assist in brainstorming and formulating strategies for solving current problems and issues

  • Select and implement software to automate, manage and share tasks and data across departments to increase efficiency

  • Design process documentation to outline instructions and procedures

  • Provide coaching in best practices for businesses

Technology Consulting

Are you frustrated or confused with all the options out there? The challenge today is not finding options, but finding which  work well together and which options will best meet your needs. While we don’t offer general IT support, we do offer recommendations and consulting for the products and services that are right for your business. You need software applications that will solve your critical business issues and improve accounting efficiency.  We will explore your accounting processes and problems and direct you to the resources that will integrate your bookkeeping with your business.


Training is more cost and time effective than trial and error, so we develop and direct instruction. Not only do we provide you with new tools and solutions to support your business processes, we will help to train your personnel to utilize these tools with confidence and competency.

Productivity Tools

We use Method as one of our primary productivity tools for Computer Bookkeeping Solutions.  Check out all that Method can do for your business.

We’d also like to recommend you consider listening to or reading, Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity. When you’ve implemented it, you’ll be amazed at how much you get accomplished!